Friwot is a local seamstress in Awassa, Ethiopia. When she initially heard that there was going to be sewing at the Sitota Learning Center she immediately wanted to get involved. In 2015 when the program began, Friwot was there to help the girls learn. She took over the teaching when Jessica and the team left and she continues to teach the girls weekly. Friwot is 38 years old and lives near to the school with her husband and her 4 children. Her favorite things to do are garden and grow flowers and go to church. On the weekends she likes to go to church and spend time with her children. Her favorite color is beige. She looks up to her father because he was the first one to spark her interest in sewing. Friwot has been sewing for 10 years and when she began she went to a training program with six other women to learn the basic skills. Friwot likes this job because she gets to help train other girls and provide them future job opportunities. She wants to train young women like she was once trained.