Goals are dreams with deadlines
— Diana Scharf Hunt

We at Gifts for Confidence establish goals to further the success and development of our mission, to empower girls globally by teaching them a marketable skill.

to further Program Sustainability

We aim to empower our Teacher and Girls to see the value of sewing. Without their dedication, there would be no program.

to Boost Economic Development

We aim to spur economic development in Ethiopia by teaching financial literacy in our curriculum, sourcing fabrics locally in Ethiopia, and by selling items created by the girls in the local Ethiopian community.

to Promote quality and Craftsmanship

We aim to further the quality of our items by focusing heavily on skill building in our curriculum. A foundation of sewing is established before items are created with the new curriculum.

To forward environmental Sustainability

We value our environment and our Earth. We are working to incorporate sewing projects that use our fabric waste. Typically waste ends up on the overcrowded streets because there is no trash system in Ethiopia. Save the Planet; no waste, no problem.

To Create a pay system

We aim to create a regulated and fair pay system for our girls. Right now they get paid when their scarves sell. We want to set up a more definitive schedule. We also plan to start a microsavings program for our girls in which they can choose to save their money under us until they graduate high school. At this point they could use this money to kickstart their careers.

To bring our program to other Developing countries

After promising outcomes in Ethiopia, we want to empower more girls around the world through trade-skill education. Something good is happening here, and we want to spread it!