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How do the girls get their money?

For now the girls are paid when teams go to Ethiopia. During those visits our girls are paid for their work and for the number of their scarves that sold. Check out our Goals page to see how we aim to better this process.

Where will my items ship from?

All of the inventory is kept in Jacksonville, FL. The items will ship from there. 

How do the scarves get from Ethiopia to the USA?

When teams come back from Ethiopia their suitcases are filled with inventory. This is the cheapest way to do it right now because of shipping costs overseas.

Why Ethiopia?

When Jessica began searching for a project for her Girl Scout Gold Award (see Timeline for the full story), her mom had met Courtney, from Love for Ethiopia who took a meeting with Jessica. Courtney's started her nonprofit because she adopted her son from Ethiopia and felt called to do more for the country. Her story is amazing and compelled Jessica to partner with her nonprofit for her Gold Award Project. Ethiopia chose us.

Why "Sitota" Scarves?

Sitota in Amharic (Ethiopian Language) means "Gift". The name ties in with our nonprofit name "Gifts for Confidence". The School was also named "Sitota Learning Center" after Courtney's adopted son, Sitota. 

Where does my money go?

A portion of the money goes toward the girl who sewed your item. This varies depending on the item. The remaining money goes toward developing the program.

How do I know who made my scarf?

If you look at the tag you can find the name of the girl who made your scarf. You can meet your girl and learn a little more about her here.

When and where do the girls sew?

The girls sew weekly at the Sitota Learning Center in Awassa, Ethiopia. The Gifts for Confidence program is an after school activity. The girls are taught by their teacher Friwot.

Can I return my scarf? 

Unfortunately, we aren't doing returns or refunds at this time.